Saturday, May 5, 2007

white fish with coconut paprika sauce

I used orange roughy this go around but most any super fresh white fish ought to be utterly delightful. Getting a good quality fish is key to this. You won't want the fish to overwhelm the sublte coconut and paprika flavors. A few suggestions: orange roughy, halibut, tilapia, mahi mahi, flounder or butter fish (cheap and suitable).

Marinate fish in a mix of olive oil, finely minced celery, finely mince garlic, very finely minced ginger (not too much and mince almost to the point of a paste). A ziploc bag works perfectly for this.
Drizzle a small bit of the sauce below on the fish before cooking

Coconut milk, minced/paste ginger (subtle amount), salt, paprika (liberal amount), sweeten to taste with agave nectar. Simmer on low over the stove 20 min or so (the drizzle mentioned above need not simmer this long). For best flavor bring to a light boil just before serving.

Bake fish. Once done pour sauce over fish and garnish with dash of paprika and toasted coconut.

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