Thursday, October 4, 2007

endives and mango

endives and mango
Originally uploaded by vrai the dotty prof.
- Sprinkle endives and mango with lemon juice (mostly the endives)
- Melt a TBSP butter, mix with a tsp olive oil.
- Brush endives and mango with butter oil mixture.
- Sprinkle the endives with sugar (I put a bit of sugar on the mango too -- not much is needed but it does lend to some lightly caramelized mango goodness). Substitute sugar for a touch of agave nectar if you wish, I prefer the nectar to sugar at this point.

- 400 degrees (F) for ten minutes
- Brush endives again with butter/oil mix
- Ten more minutes in the oven

I may try this next time with a lemon butter reduction rather than adding the lemon and oil/butter to the endives separately.

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